Why Join the HSFSA?
6 Reasons Why You Should Start An HSFSA Chapter At Your School
Why Join the HSFSA?
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1. Diplomats As Guest Speakers
HSFSA guest speakers reveal the inner workings of diplomacy. Learning from the first-hand, world-class experience of real diplomats and ambassadors who defend U.S. interests in every corner of the world, students acquire knowledge gleaned from years of patriotic service.
2. Resources On International Relations
HSFSA chapters receive monthly deliveries of the Foreign Service Journal and copies of "Inside a U.S. Embassy" free of charge. Authored by the most qualified and experienced leaders of foreign policy decision-making, the Foreign Service Journal provides a valuable perspective on foreign policy of the past, present, and future. Meanwhile, “Inside A U.S. Embassy” displays the internal life and work of U.S. embassies around the world.
3. Model UN And Debate
HSFSA chapters are perfect additions to debate and Model UN. Active HSFSA Events, such as debates and Mini-MUN committees, provide much needed organized and effective practice to students while covering a topic that interests participants.
4. An Inspiration To Excel
High School Foreign Service Association guest speakers inspire more students to participate in debate and Model UN and learn more about history and politics, all of which have diplomacy and international relations as an integral part. Foreign Service Officers share their passion for diplomacy and provide role-models, motivating students to strive for excellence and even to decide on a career path.
5. Club Add-On System
It is possible to start an HSFSA chapter as part of an already existing club, such as a Debate or Model UN club, a Rho Kappa chapter or politics club. With only a small amendment to the club's constitution (stating the existence of the chapter), the chapter will be set up and ready to function, bringing all events and benefits without the need to go through the process of starting a brand-new club.
6. Standing Out To Colleges
An HSFSA chapter will make you stand out to colleges. Starting an HSFSA chapter will not only demonstrate that you care about the future of your country, but that you strive to help your peers and provide them with valuable knowledge through the HSFSA. You will also have the opportunity to improve your performance in Model UN and debate, which will only further make you and your peers more likely to be accepted to your first-choice college.
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