About Us

High School Foreign Service Association | HSFSA
The High School Foreign Service Association is a non-partisan organization of high school clubs for students passionate about diplomacy. Backed by the American Foreign Service Association, it connects high schoolers with experienced diplomats, creating a medium to learn from first-hand experience. It builds upon this knowledge by encouraging an active exchange of ideas between chapter members.

We strive to raise youth awareness about the importance of Foreign Service Officers in maintaining the United States' position as a leader of the global community. The HSFSA is forging the next generation of American diplomats who will ensure that this continues.

There are currently 65 HSFSA chapters around the United States.

The High School Foreign Service Association spans 21 states, uniting students from ALAska to Florida . We cherish the diversity of our community of aspiring diplomats . Our superstates – Florida, Virginia, and California, each with more than five chapters – are marked in blue. (MAP CREATED WITH MAPCHART.NET)

The HSFSA is experiencing astounding growth, connecting to new schools every week. With every chapter created, every student impacted, we are moving closer to a new age of diplomacy!