Happy New Year!

On behalf of the HSFSA Team
We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! We are endlessly grateful to everyone who expressed interest in our organization: whether it was simply letting your friends know about an educational resource or learning opportunity by the HSFSA, or dedicating your time, effort, and creativity to starting an HSFSA chapter, you have undoubtedly left a positive mark on your school.

2022 was the first full year that the High School Foreign Service Association has existed. Over this period, 35 new schools joined our community. Hundreds of students were introduced to the U.S. Foreign Service, learned the value of diplomacy, and perhaps developed a desire to join the ranks of the negotiators and peacebuilders who forge mutually beneficial relations, encourage growth, bring peace, and make our world work. A variety of new events joined the list of what we do, all for the purpose of raising awareness and understanding of the importance of diplomacy. The HSFSA also made its first steps towards providing major educational resources, such as its interactive map and database of the State Departments TIAS. In addition, the end of the year was marked by the organization’s first essay contest, which was unique in the depth of feedback that it gave participants.

We look forward to 2023. Many new events, partnerships, and projects will be introduced. Many new schools will join us. Many new students will be overtaken by the wish to become diplomats and change the world.

Once again, we thank all who joined us on this journey, as well as our partner organizations who made our projects possible. We are confident that the positive impact the HSFSA has already made will grow exponentially in 2023 and beyond. Happy New Year!