Guest Speakers
The High School Foreign Service Association brings guest speakers – Officers of the U.S. Foreign Service – to schools with chapters. Speakers share their inside knowledge on the art of diplomacy and the internal processes of international relations, experiences of working in different environments and taking up on various roles in an embassy, and thoughts on pressing questions in foreign policy, offering their thorough understanding of the world of international relations to students.

Guest speakers are provided in cooperation with the American Foreign Service Association. With 80% of all U.S. Foreign Service Officers in its ranks, it is practically guaranteed that a qualified Officer will be found for any topic on international relations.

Take a look at our HSFSA guest speaker sample topic list to see examples of what topics they can cover!

Why it matters:

1.) Guest speakers and materials provided by the American Foreign Service Association reveal the inner workings of diplomacy. Learning from the first-hand, world-class experience of real diplomats and ambassadors who defend U.S. interests in every corner of the world, students acquire knowledge gleaned from years of patriotic service.

2.) Guest Speakers discuss the latest tendencies in international relations in our multi-polar world and share their expertise in foreign policy. Debates and discussions hosted by HSFSA Chapters allow students to put this knowledge to use by developing a much deeper understanding of current events.

3.) High School Foreign Service Association events inspire students to stay aware about the international situation and the role of the U.S. Foreign Service Officers share their passion for diplomacy and provide role-models, motivating students to strive for excellence and helping them to collaborate more with their peers and even to decide on a career path.